The Lagree Method is a high intensity, low impact workout. Exercises performed on the Megaformer utilize a combination of body weight and resistance / assistance from springs to allow many different exercises that improve strength, definition, endurance, flexibility and balance. Lagree uses complex movements that target multiple muscle groups in each exercise. Lagree focuses on slow, controlled movements, keeping your muscles activated for extended periods of time. By performing these exercises at a slow pace, you maximize your muscles’ time under tension, stimulating slow-twitch muscle fibers and increasing muscular endurance and definition. Our instructors guide you through the setup and proper form for each exercise and control the pace throughout the class.



BODY ALIGNMENT  In any exercise, proper form is critical to prevent injury and ensure that you are targeting the correct muscles


RANGE OF MOTION  Your body engages different muscles at different points in a movement.  If your range of motion is too small, it may not effectively stimulate the muscle you are targeting. If you extend your range of motion too far, you may engage the incorrect muscles and increase your chance of injury.


RESISTANCE  Your own body weight is a great source of resistance for many exercises. The springs on the Megaformer allow you tune the level of resistance for each exercise to a level that is challenging without compromising form.


DURATION  Keeping a muscle under tension for a sufficient amount of time is critical for activating the aerobic system and building muscular endurance.


TEMPO  Momentum can help you move weight, but moving weight is not what builds muscle fibers. When you perform exercises at a slow pace, your muscles stay under tension for extended periods of time. Slow movements also help ensure that you maintain form throughout the motion, reducing the risk of injury to joints and muscles.



Our Megaformer M3K+ machines enable you to perform a broad range of low-impact exercises optimized to target every muscle that you want to sculpt. A series of springs hidden under the carriage allow you to find the perfect amount of resistance / assistance to get the most from each movement. The M3K+ includes updates to the platforms, carriage and bars that allow a greater range of exercises and allow you to find positions perfectly suited to your build. The new Superfast selectors allow you to more easily change the spring, without having to reset the carriage to its starting position.



Our mission is to provide you with the best environment possible to enjoy this highly-efficient workout. We keep classes small so that our instructors can monitor form and help you get the most out of your time with us. The classes are high-energy but focused on making sure you have the attention and space to get through your workout the right way.

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