• July 12, 2020
  • We are following all the guidelines currently required by all Chicao and Illinois COVID-19 ordinances.

    In addition to the steps required by law, we have taken the following additional precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and employees:


    • SMALL CLASSES – Classes are limited to 8 customers. This allows us to space the machines such that customers are at least 6 feet apart at any given time. We will NOT be offering 16 person Resistance + Run hybrid classes until further notice.
    • DISINFECTANT – We have added bottles of Steramine by each machine and will require customers to spray their machines down before using our wipes after each class. Customers are encouraged clean their machine before class as well if it makes them feel more comfortable. Our staff will be sterilizing the spray bottles in between each class.
    • UV STERILIZATION – We will be running multiple GermAwayUV 95 Watt UV-C Surface Sterilizers multiple times per day to help disinfect surfaces and the air inside the studio. 
    • MASKS – UPDATE: In accordance with Chicago’s current mask mandates, all clients are currently required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status. We are watching local and state ordinances closely and will allow vaccinated clients to work out without masks once the mask mandate is lifted. 
    • AIR FILTRATION – We have added two Blueair filters in the studio to help combat airborne particles. We have also upgraded the makeup air system in our space to improve circulation
    • TEMPERATURE CHECKS – Customers will have their temperature taken by a remote thermometer upon check-in. Our staff will be required to take temperature checks at the start of their shift (and during their shift if working around customers more than 4 hours)


    What we are asking of our customers


    • PLEASE WEAR A MASK – All customers must wear a mask while in our space. We will have surgical masks available (for free) for those who forget or whose mask is uncomfortable for working out, but we encourage everyone to bring a mask that is suitable for this purpose
    • SYMPTOMS – If you are exhibiting any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please stay home. Anybody who lets us know (before the start of class) that they are unable to attend class because they are exhibiting symptoms will have the class refunded to their account
    • ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE – Customers will be allowed into the studio no more than 10 minutes before class. We love hearing feedback and getting to know you, but we need time to prepare the studio for each class. Once you arrive and check in with the front desk, please head straight to your machine. After class, we will allocate time for stretching. Once you have cleaned your machine, please be mindful of the time that we need to prepare the studio for the next class




  • July 17, 2019
  • For the past few years, fitness studios have been popping up everywhere. Pilates, boot camps, HIIT, cycling, yoga and other studios are replacing traditional gyms and personal trainers for a multitude of reasons. For some of us, it’s the camaraderie of knowing everyone in the class is pushing through the last set with us, for others it’s the freedom to mix our workouts up and keep things interesting, and for some, we just know that signing up for a class will make us accountable and ensure that we commit ourselves to it rather than taking the day off. Specialized fitness studios make it easier for us to explore different approaches to taking care of ourselves at a fraction of the cost of personal trainers and without paying monthly fees at large, crowded gyms that we don’t use.

    There are a TON of fitness studios… so what is different about Resistance? Our philosophy is one of balance. We all need good music and enthusiastic instructors to get us through the hard reps, but we want our classes to feel like workouts, not a night club. We love the unity of the class setting, but we are not a cult or otherwise life-engulfing identity for our customers to preach to unfortunate coworkers around the water cooler. Our ultimate goal is getting results, but we understand that change happens gradually and that each of us is doing what we can in our busy lives and we simply want to get the most we can out of the time we have. At the end of the day, we want to create a comfortable place where real people can get the most effective workout possible in the limited time they dedicate to enjoying our classes. Our classes are fun, but importantly, they work. We keep our classes small because there is only so much that an instructor can pay attention to at once, and we will not sacrifice attention to form in order to get more bodies in the door.

    If this balance of effectiveness, atmosphere and attention sounds like something that’s been missing from your fitness routine, join us in Wicker Park and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your wellness goals.